Garage management made easy

Garage managers have full control of their garage with Parqio Admin, and can easily manage users and order services.

This is Parqio Admin


A simpler everyday life with a "digital key"

Residents can open the garage door in the way that suits them best. The access is linked to the phone number and car of each individual resident or guest. This allows them to open the gate with app, dialing and automatic recognition. Garage keys or remote controls are now gone.


Easy administration via web and mobile

Manage parking spaces, users and access to the garage from web and mobile. Managers of the garage can log in to the website Parqio Admin from anywhere.


Lower and more predictable expenses

The administration of the garage, cars and users through Parqio Admin is so simple that it will save the garage manager(s) a lot of time. And since the keys are digital, residents do not have to pay for physical garage keys, batteries and remote controls.

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Choose what the residents can manage themselves

Choose which functions should be available to the residents. For example, whether residents should be able to add cars or give others access to the garage.

How does Parqio solve everyday problems for residents?
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Questions and answers about Parqio Admin

Who gets access to the garage?

The access to the garage is managed by the board or garage manager in a separate administration solution (Parqio Admin). The board can choose to let its own residents invite guests. All users are registered and approved through Parqio.

Will existing remote controls still work after we install Parqio?

Yes, existing access solutions will work as before, until you decide to phase them out.

Who do I contact in the event of an error with the actual gate?

Our support team is available 24/7 and responds within 5 minutes. If you experience problems with access to the garage, contact us via chat. In the event of an error with the gate, we can contact the gate provider directly.

Can Parqio be installed in our garage?

Yes, Parqio can be installed in all garages with motorized gates. During the inspection, we clarify the desired layout and solution.

Do I have to register everyone who need access?

Yes, everyone with access to the garage must be registered in Parqio. The garage manager easily registers who owns which spaces in the administration solution, and can choose to let the owner of the space invite other family members and guests themselves.

Can Parqio be used for guest parking?

Yes, we can set up our own logic for guest parking spaces inside and outside the garage so that residents can register guests in the app. Residents can also give guests access to their own space if there are no guest spaces available.

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