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The app is made for residents and guests. Open the garage doors, share your parking space, or add automatic gate opening for your car.

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This is the Parqio app


Open gate(s) from the app

In the app you'll find all the garages and parking spaces you have access to. A garage can have several gates, each with its own open button.


Automatic gate opening

In the app, you can turn on automatic gate opening, which means that the gate opens automatically when you approach it.


Share your parking space with others

Share temporary access with guests and service providers. In the app, you decide who and for how long.


Add voice controlled door opening

Open the garage door with voice commands.

Manage garages, gates and residents?
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Questions and answers about Parqio app

How do I get into the garage without a car?

You can always open the garage door with the app, calling or voice commands.

What do I do if someone has parked incorrectly in my space?

We take care of it. Contact our support team via chat in the app, and we will contact the owner of the vehicle for you. We are available 24/7 and normally respond within 5 minutes.

Can I rent out my parking space?

Yes, if the housing board allows it, you can rent out the space and give the tenant access through Parqio. Parqio also has partners, such as car sharing companies, who want to rent space and make their services available to residents.

How do I give guests access to my space?

You do this simply by entering the phone number and the time the person shall have access to the garage. Guests receive an SMS invite from Parqio with instructions and a link to log in and open the gate during the period you have granted them access.

How does the system recognize my license plate?

When you create a user in Parqio, you also register the license plate number of your car(s). Our camera recognizes your license plate when you  drive towards the gate, and opens the gate automatically.

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