Gate opening
Elbil ovenifra som kjører inn i en garasje i en bygning med glassfasade. Kveldsstemning.
gate opening

How do you want to open?

Sometimes you may prefer to open the garage with an app, other times automatically or by calling. With Parqio, users can choose the opening method that suits them best then and there.

Gate opening with Parqio
  • Opening methods
    • Automatically
    • With app
    • By calling
  • Secure
    • Regardless of which opening method is used, the Parqio system quickly verifies whether the user has access. It takes less than 0.2 seconds.
    • No physical keys or remote controls gone astray.
Automatic gate opening

The gate slides open automatically for you. Always perfectly timed.

The easiest way to open the garage - when you approach the garage with your mobile in your pocket, the gate will automatically slide open for you. Without the use of sensors or cameras.

Automatic gate opening
  • Smart
    • Uses the mobile's position to determine when the gate should be opened. The gate slides open at exactly the right moment.
    • The automatic does not kick in when you move on foot.
  • Secure
    • Users are authenticated with their mobile numbers.
gate opening with app

Open the gate from anywhere

Hånd som holder mobiltelefon med Parqio-app åpen.
Gate opening with app
  • Practical
    • Your garage key is always available.
    • Open the gate from anywhere.
    • Share keys with others.
  • Secure
    • Users are logged into the app with their mobile numbers.

Call the gate open

Call the gate's number to open it. If you have several gates, you get a number key selection. Perfect if you don't use a smartphone!

Open gate by calling
  • Practical
    • Works with all phones - including push-button phones.
    • Number key selection when multiple gates.
  • Secure
    • The number called from must have access to the garage.
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