Parqio in the industry

Today, Parqio is used in everything from train halls to the delivery of rental cars. Our industrial customers appreciate the flexibility, robustness and security that the Parqio system provides.

Photo: Bertel O. Steen
Bertel O. Steen controls the gates in several of their workshop halls using Parqio.


Whether it is a warehouse or a fenced outdoor area, - it is the gates and who has access that is most crucial for the security. In Parqio Admin, you have full control over access and the status of all gates.

Access control and digital keys
  • Give suppliers, partners and customers time-limited access to gates and doors.
  • No physical garage keys or remote controls. Access is linked to the users' mobile numbers so that no one has unauthorized access.
  • Choose whether users should be able to share access with suppliers and colleagues through the app.
Gate status in real time and remote open/close
  • See in real time whether the gate is open or closed, and when it was last operated.
  • Get notified when the gate stays open for an unusually long time.
  • Open and close the gate without needing to be physically present *.
*Assumes that the gate meets the requirements for remote opening/closing.
Photo: Biosirk
With Parqio, the operations manager at Biosirk can easily grant access to transport companies that will enter the facility to deliver by-products for further processing.

Flexible gate opening

Gates connected to Parqio can be opened in several ways.

The gate opens automatically for authorized users. The user's mobile phone is the key, but can remain in the pocket. The phone's position and speed of movement ensure a completely seamless gate opening experience.
With app
Free Parqio app for Android and iPhone. Or integrated with Unloc, if you are using that.
By calling
Call the gate to open. If the garage has several entrances, the user is given a number key choice.
Hør hvordan det høres ut

Unlimited possibilities

Parqio covers many needs "straight out of the box" and is being continuously developed further with new features. We also have good experiences with integrating Parqio into existing solutions.

For very specific needs, it may be possible to integrate Parqio more deeply with your systems. We have good experience with integrating Parqio into existing solutions for both offices, housing, transport and industry. Talk to us about tailor-made integrations.
Time management of gates
  • Set up time management for the gates, such as a gate being open at a certain time.
  • Provides both easier access and reduces wear and tear on the gates.
Advanced gate status
  • Full overview of cycles per gate.
  • Discover gate wear and tear through changes in open speed.
Photo: Stig Andre Egilsønn Snoen
Parqio provides garage access for both trains and workshop staff in Bane NOR's train hall at Hauerseter station.
Very satisfied
We are very satisfied with Parqio as the solution for our garage. It is quick and easy to manage and automatic opening makes it very easy for our drivers.
Ali Saleh
COO, Taxi 1000 AS
Easy to manage gates
We use Parqio in gates for trains and vehicles. Works very well, easy to manage and much easier for users.
Vegard André Jørgensen
Operations manager, Hauerseter
Simple and effective
Parqio has truly transformed the way we handle parking space rental. Their simple and efficient administration has made the whole process seamless and worry-free for us as landlords. I could not be happier with their service.
Martin Aketun
Property manager, Newsec Property Asset Management
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