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4 good reasons to ditch the remote control

Are you tired of keys and remote controls going astray? Here are 4 good reasons to ditch the remote control as a garage opener.

1) Being dependent on a physical object

Remote controls require physical proximity to the garage gate, and is only easy and accessible if you leave it in the car. You are dependent on having the remote control with you at all times, for example when you are not coming by car, but are entering the garage on bicycle.​​

2) Difficult to keep track of who has access to the garage

Remote controls, keys and key fobs get lost and borrowed. Batteries on remote controls need to be changed, and new remote controls need to be ordered, programmed and distributed. Physical aids such as remote controls and keys must also be collected or handed over to new owners or tenants. This makes it difficult and time-consuming to have overview of who has access to the garage at all times.

With Parqio, residents can open the garage door with an app or automatically. (Photo: Parqio)

3) An expensive investment overall

Remote control garage openers are an expensive investment overall, and the total cost is often difficult to predict. A remote control that costs between NOK 500 and NOK 1.000 per unit will amount to an investment of at least NOK 50.000-100.000 in an average condominium with 100 garage spaces. Here, the time that management boards in condominiums and housing associations spend on administration of this is not taken into account. There will also be a significant cost every time residents lose or have their remote control stolen.

4) Little flexibility when renting out garage space and giving guest access

One remote control is often required per person or vehicle. To provide guest access, you must meet guests at the garage door, or loan the remote control to tenants and others who visit regularly. It is also impractical if the remote control is in the car and you need to open the garage gate to get in with, for example, a pram or you have forgotten something in the car.

*This article has been translated from its original language.

Digital communal garages are tomorrow's solution. Parqio offers a smart, future-oriented solution for the management of garages in condominiums, housing associations and commercial buildings. With a digital garage key, there are no keys or remote controls in the way. Better administration, increased security and lower costs are just some of the advantages of choosing a digital garage system from Parqio.

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