Parqio makes everyday life easier: Reason #1

This is how we build communal garages of the future

Today, 80% of Norway's population lives in cities and towns, and growth is expected to increase in the near future. At the same time, the means of transport of the future are changing. Growing cities need efficient and dynamic use of the area underneath the cities. We need comprehensive measures and integrated cooperation to become functional and sustainable.

Parqio eliminates the garage gate as a barrier, as the residents' needs develop. We offer a digital garage key that allows you to open the garage gate automatically - regardless of the means of access.

This is how we can go from private garage facilities to large communal garages. New technology and comprehensive solutions lay the framework for the cities of the future.

Automatic gate opening without camera

Forget remote controls and license plate recognition. Automatic gate opening without a camera eliminates the garage gate as a barrier in a completely new way.

The technology works by replacing the camera with geolocation of the user's mobile phone, combined with a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon that is mounted at the gate. A beacon is a small battery-powered device that emits information that can be picked up by nearby mobile phones.

The signals are sent out using Bluetooth technology, and can be set so that the mobile phone registers the signal at a distance of up to 70 metres. This allows us to start opening the gate in time so that the user does not have to wait in front of the gate.

The combination of the positioning of the mobile phone, a beacon and our own algorithms ensures that the gate only opens when the user has the intention of driving into the garage.

A safe and secure solution

With a digital garage key from Parqio, you will always have control over who has access to the garage. We ensure that only authorized users gain access to the garage through a security check. This means that the user's mobile phone does not communicate directly with the gate, but goes via Parqio's platform. This way we can check whether a user has valid access to the garage before we send a signal to open the gate. Best of all - everything happens in a fraction of a second!

Facilitate the choice of green mobility solutions

New technology offers the opportunity to develop smart, forward-looking cities. However, technology is only a means. We must use new technology in a smart way to make cities better places to live, live and work in. Technology must create the right conditions so that it becomes easy to choose alternatives that are sustainable.

Today, more residents use bikes to and from work, and car-sharing vehicles when driving children to activities. It does not work well with a remote control that is in the dashboard of the car or in a jacket pocket.

Let's look at the example of a bike. Effective development of bike lanes in cities is a sustainable measure. At the same time, it is important to factor in that a bike trip starts and ends where you park the bike. If we are to make it easy and attractive to choose a bikes over a private car, we must eliminate barriers such as the garage gate.

The key lies in ensuring that green mobility solutions are optimally arranged from A to Z. When new technology is implemented in pace with people's needs, we create win-win solutions.

Open neighborhoods and large communal garages

Sustainable cities are characterized by being dense, urban and diverse. When we live closer together, people come closer and differences become more apparent. It is then important that garage facilities and common areas are universally designed so that they can be used by everyone.

With automatic gate opening, the garage gate can be opened automatically – not just for cars, but for all means of transport. Regardless of whether you arrive on a motorbike, cargo bike, in a shared car or want the taxi driver to drive you all the way into the garage.

With new technology, we can counteract tendencies towards closed neighborhoods and divided cities, and create open neighborhoods that everyone can take part in. This is how we can contribute to diversity. It is about creating cities that facilitate a good and easy everyday life for everyone - and that contribute to a high quality of life and a sustainable urban environment.

*This article has been translated from its original language.

Together we create large communal garages. Together we create open neighbourhoods. Together we create sustainable cities.

The Parqio system

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