Parqio makes everyday life easier: Reason #2

Shared cars from Otto in the garage

Parqio and Otto offer car freedom as part of a complete system for the communal garage. This way you can easily choose to not use your own car, book a van when you need it and reduce your car use. We build sustainable urban environments through good mobility solutions. New technology ensures seamless everyday life.

Car freedom in the communal garage

In a recent survey by Opinion, half of Norwegians answer that they have reduced or want to reduce their car use. At the same time, the sharing economy is a growing trend, as is the desire for services and experiences rather than goods and possessions. When the attitudes are pointing towards reduced car traffic and increased shared transport, the potential is great.

Nevertheless, 1 in 3 Norwegians answer that they do not use car sharing services today because they are not available. There is a key opportunity to utilize the space located in private garage facilities. Parqio eliminates the garage gate as a barrier, makes parking spaces available and facilitates valuable integrations such as car sharing and electric bicycles.

Ny teknologi baner vei for bærekraftig verdiskapning. Bilfrihet i fellesgarasjen er en del av fremtidens løsning.

Sustainable synergy effect

Let's illustrate with an example from a condominium in Oslo. This is what good, user-friendly mobility solutions can look like in practice:

In Frysjalia, Parqio has been installed in the condominium's garage. With Parqio, access to car-sharing vehicles from Otto is enabled in the garage. The challenge in Frysjalia was that the condominium did not have free parking spaces in the garage for car-sharing vehicles. Parqio included the residents of Frysjalia in the process, and was able to map that several residents did not use their parking spaces. The residents in question could well imagine sharing their parking space with car-sharing vehicles from Otto. Now Frysjalia has car-sharing cars from Otto in the garage that are available to the whole neighbourhood. With this solution, the condominium can in the long term reduce costs associated with car sharing.

Parqio acts as an intermediary between the board, residents and car sharing from Otto. We help the board to map garage capacity and residents who want to share long-term vacant parking spaces. In collaboration with Otto, we can offer shared cars in the garage that become available to the whole neighbourhood.

Together we create car freedom in the communal garage. Together we create sustainable neighbourhoods. Together we create the cities of the future.
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